TestSketcherApp Namespace Reference


class  SketcherSolverTestCases


def CreateBoxSketchSet
def CreateSlotPlateInnerSet
def CreateSlotPlateSet


 App = FreeCAD

Function Documentation

def TestSketcherApp::CreateBoxSketchSet (   SketchFeature  ) 

Definition at line 26 of file TestSketcherApp.py.

def TestSketcherApp::CreateSlotPlateInnerSet (   SketchFeature  ) 

Definition at line 71 of file TestSketcherApp.py.

def TestSketcherApp::CreateSlotPlateSet (   SketchFeature  ) 

Definition at line 44 of file TestSketcherApp.py.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 24 of file TestSketcherApp.py.

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